My 9 Favorite Songs to Reduce Stress


One important part of self-care is MUSIC. Now for some reason if you do not enjoy music, I apologize and really hope you come to love the power of music. Not only can music be fun, though provoking, and energizing, it can be a vital stress management tool. Sometimes the last thing we want to do when we are stressed is listen to music,but I find nothing more mood boosting and relaxing than my drive to work, with the music up probably too high in my Mom-mobile.

PsychCentral shared research that music has been used for hundreds of years to treat and restore harmony between mind and body. Scientific studies have also been preformed to measure benefits of music. The findings include:

  • Music encourages coordination and communication, improving quality of life
  • Listening to music with headphones reduces stress and anxiety before and after surgery in hospital patients
  • Music reduces the sensation and distress of chronic pain
  • Listening to music can relieve depression and increase self-esteem ratings
  • Music therapy drastically reduces emotional distress and boots quality of life among adult cancer patients

The healing properties of music are almost limitless. Luckily we have music for every mood. With an abundance of music genres, to each there own when it comes to what music lifts your spirits. The music I listen to varies day to day and sometimes simply by the weather. When it’s warm and sunny, upbeat country makes me shake it (for you Luke 999b038d3e39c5e0b81509620d34ece8Bryan wink wink). If it’s cold and snowy, crank up the 90’s to sing my little heart out to hot & steamy R&B hits. Honestly, if you ever saw what I looked like while singing and driving, you would be embarrassed for me.

My musical interests shift daily, but there is a set of 9 songs that reduce my stress and lift my mood. I love to dance. Music comes on and I just want to move and groove. Oh goodness, did I just say “move and groove”? I sound like my mother. Anyways, energetic dance songs are my go to. To each there own, so I share mine with you and invite you to share your favorites with me!

My top 9 favorite songs (in no order) to reduce stress :

  1. Safe and Sound by Capital Cities
  2. Dancing in The Dark by Rihanna (from the kids movie HOME, awesome movie)
  3. The Night is Still Young by Nicki Minaj
  4. Leave the Night On by Sam Hunt
  5. Whoomp (There It Is) by Tag Team
  6. Pon de Replay by Rihanna
  7. Love On Top by Beyonce
  8. It Takes Two by Rob Base and D.J. EZ Rock

  9. Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato



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