Mother Knows Best

I’m watching Tangled (5 mommy thumbs up, great movie) and Rapunzel’s momma sings a song called “Mother Knows Best”. I’m pretty sure my little miss fell asleep 20 minutes ago, but here I am still watching the movie. Singing the song in my head and I realized, what do I know? Why does mother know best? Do I know best? Hell, I’m learning as my girl does and half the time I feel beyond lost. Don’t get me wrong, i’m a self proclaimed know-it-all.

  • – I know the names, cutie marks & talents of all My Little Ponies.
  • – I know the lyrics to all Disney songs
  • – I know how to doge ALL the “how are babies made” questions.
  • – I know 101 ways to cheat my way through bored/card games to make them go 
    FullSizeRenderfaster (DON’T JUDGE ME😉)

I’m also a know-it-all of “adult” topics such as the location of every dunkin’ donuts in thelakes region, the timing of all Sephora VIB sales, how long one can use dry shampoo before hair starts getting too sketchy for public viewing, and the perfect cheese combo for the best homemade mac & cheese. BUT there are so many things I don’t know- to which questions get answered with:

  1.  “I just know!”
  2. “Because I say so.”
  3. “Listen, I know what I’m talking about. Trust me.”

For some reason, my girl just trusts my answers!

Fake it ’til ya make it! Not a single one of you reading this is perfect. Not a single one of you know’s best for all things. I may know a good deal about certain topics, but I don’t know it all. No one expects you to know it all either. Do the best you can, do what is best for you and most importantly BE YOU. In regards to parenting your child(ren), YOU know best. Yes you may make up fake stories or excuses for why you can’t go to dunkin’ donuts today (because they are now closed on Wednesdays *wink wink), but it’s O.K. One day your kiddo will know the truth, but for now ehh fake it ’till ya make it without shame. Momma’s are allowed to not know everything all the time, but momma knows best so just do your best!


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