About Me

Who am I?


Young Momma to one spunky, 5 year old, miniature version of myself and a health enthusiast; I am here to share my learning experiences as I navigate through the balancing act we call life. I welcomed my daughter into the world at the age of 17 and my world was turned upside down for the better. I learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined while getting to raise an amazing human being. We truly grew as people together. I am forever grateful for my experience as a single, teen mother while continuing as a full time student through high school and college with a full time job. My life is hectic, we are always on the go between kindergarten, dance classes, my job, her social life, and our family. Life is crazy, but good. Unfortunately, I found myself getting lost as an individual somewhere along the way. I started treating myself poorly mentally, physically, and emotionally. Because of my education, I have been able to develop means of building myself back up to be the best mom I can be…which is why I am here to share my knowledge with you♥

My little and I love:

  • chocolate chip cookies
  • yoga
  • watching Christmas movies ALL YEAR LONG
  • Margaritas for me and apple juice for her
  • dancing in the kitchen

As a graduate declared in a Health Advocacy program I created for myself through the Interdisciplinary Studies department at Plymouth State University, I aspire to enrich the lives of other mother’s and families through health promotion. I started my academic career as a nursing student with a focus in maternity nursing, but soon realized I wanted to do more with individualized, whole-body & life care and community building of healthy families. I am most definitely still working on what that exactly means to me, but until I get there, I’ll be sharing my research, thoughts, feelings, and ideas here for you all to read!

My little & I                          Photo Credit: L. Sanborn Photography

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