Welcome to time out mommas!!

Mommy’s Time Out is a place I have created to decompress, regroup, empower, and grow. I’m not here to give parenting advice because I know there’s enough of unsolicited advice from strangers in the grocery store as you hand over a third cookie from the bakery counter to your screaming kid(s). Everything I talk about and share to you is to support YOU. Of course I care about the kids…kids are amazing, BUT you spend so much time supporting them…who supports you? Spouses, life partners, friends, family. Your social supports are amazing, but they aren’t in your head. You are and let’s be honest, you run your life, you make the choices, and you are your own key to wellness. I am here to support and empower your wellness. GASP, are you focusing on your happiness? Trying to better yourself? Unheard of! Life is dedicated to the kids when you become a mom and it’s damn hard. Let’s focus on your wellness. Let’s make you the best version of yourself so you can be the best for your family. Being a mom can be one of the biggest barriers to wellness. To destroy that fact, I have gathered a bit of tried-and-true research to present to you in the most modern, manageable way. Each article is crafted by yours truly, grounded in facts (&some opinion sometimes), and will allow you to enjoy 10 minutes of Mommy Time Out time to better yourself to leading a family life of wellness.  


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